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[Xen-users] Re: network-route and vif-route setup help

Md Mooktakim Ahmed wrote:
> I did try network-route and it boots up fine. I still have my internet
> connection. But the problem is my IP's.
> It seems 1and1 won't sell me a subnet of IP's. When i want an ip they will
> give me a random ip. They are not continious range. So thats another
> problem.

why? use proxy arp, so your machine accepts the ips on the local interface,
and then use point to point configuration with your xen0 ip on all
interfaces on xen0 and point to point routes for each xenU's domain.
the xenU would simply have it's own ip point to point xen0 ip which
it would use as default gateway.

no need to use networks at all, only point to point stuff. I guess your
1and1 upstream is also some ip with pointopoint config.

> my network is a bit strange. My IP is for dom0. but the
> gateway is the netmask is
> This works for dom0.

yes, normal hosting provider config. you only have an ip, and you have
a default gateway pointopoint'ed.

> But when i try to add the default gatway to on one of the
> domU i get network is unreachable.

no, the domU needs to use your dem0 ip as gateway in pointopoint fashion.

Good luck!

Regards, Andreas

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