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Re: [Xen-users] Bridge and Internet

Hi Enderson,

You are probably having TX checksum errors on your interfaces.

Try to issue the following command for all interfaces on your domains:

ethtool -K ethN tx off

ethN should be eth0, eth1, ...

BrÃulio Gergull

On Mar 24, 2006 10:53 AM, Enderson Maia <endersonmaia@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I already have my domU (fw) as a firewall, connecting to ADSL.
> Using two bridges xenbr0 (lan), xenbr2 (net-adsl)
> I can access internet from 'fw', and did iptables rules to masquerade
> my access from
> dom0 and other domUs.
> The things looks like it has to work, but I can find the problem.
> The situation is:
> * I have full internet access from 'fw'.
> * From dom0 or other domUs connected to xenbr0, I can ping
> www.google.com
> having the dnscache server at 'fw', and get ICMP REPLY.
> * BUT, I can't connect to any services , ssh, ftp, http and so on.
> Connecting from 'fw' to a remote server I have ssh access, I can see
> the packets arriving
> when I try http or ssh acces to this remote server from my dom0, but
> these packtes don't come back.
> If u need some more information, let me know. I think some tcpdump
> from 'fw' and the remote server I'm trying to access could be
> intersting.
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