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[Xen-users] xc_linux_save(): which context does it get invoked?


Thanks to Ewan Mellor, I managed to get some understanding of the flow of events when "xm save" is called. But I still don't understand which kernel is doing what.

In my setup, i have the hypervisor and on top of it there is Dom-0 and a Guest kernels running. From Dom-0, I invoke "xm save" on Guest. This results in calling some python code which (A) waits in one thread to see in xenstore 'suspend' value for control/shutdown, and (B) calls xc_save() in another thread. xc_save() calls xc_linux_save().

My question: Does (B) get executed in Dom-0 or Hyperviser? If I change xc_linux_save.c, should I compile xen, xen0, or xenU kernel to see the effect?

- Ts

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