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Re: [Xen-users] domain migration doesnt migrate config files??

> So I had to Xen servers running.  Server 1 had 4 domUs on it.  I tried
> migrating them to Server 2 and was successful.  Note I did NOT do a
> live migration because that locks the sending server up.


> So after migrating my domUs to server 2, I went to shutdown server 1
> and accidentally powered off server2 also.  When I brought server 2
> back up, I could not restart any of the domUs and could not find any
> of their config files.
> Does migration migrate the entier domain (including sparse files,
> config files and so forth) or does it just migrate the data that Xen
> stores in RAM to get the machine running on the relocation server??

The domain's memory image is transferred.  Virtual disks are not migrated (are 
you using a SAN, NAS, or similar?), and neither are config files.

The domain's configuration is migrated when the domain moves, but it's held in 
memory - it's not stored on the disk.  I believe the state will persist as 
long as that domain is running, and that server is up.


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