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[Xen-users] Failed to migrate, connection rejected

Hi ,

I have two redhat boxes on the same subnet installed with xen3.0. There is a shared disk drive attached to them. I have a guest domain installed on the shared drive. But I can't seem to migrate between the two nodes, or even to the localhost.

[root@host2 xen]# xm migrate 21 host3
Error: Received invalid response from Xend, twice.

On the target host, I got the following error in xend.log

[2006-03-28 13:27:58 xend] WARNING (tcp:73) Rejected connection from (host2) for port 8003. [2006-03-28 13:28:03 xend] WARNING (tcp:73) Rejected connection from (host2) for port 8003.

the xend-config.sxp file on both nodes have the following setting

(xend-relocation-server yes)
# Port xend should use for the relocation interface, if xend-relocation-server
# is set.
(xend-relocation-port 8003)
(xend-relocation-address '')

the default xend-relocation-port is 8002, but I can't start both xend and xfrd on port 8002. So I had to change the default for xend to 8003.

Did I miss anything here,


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