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Re: [Xen-users] no network in domain 0

Maybe you could post some parts of your configuration, for example your 
modified /etc/conf.d/net and xend-config.sxp


Am Mittwoch, 29. März 2006 15:15 schrieb Robin Atwood:
> I am new to xen and trying to get the primary domain working properly
> before I create a new one. I am using the Gentoo unstable sources
> (2.6.16-rc5) and xen 3.0.1 and the kernel boots Ok and eth0 is activated.
> At this point the network is active and I can ping. Then I shutdown
> net.eth0 and start xend. This restarts net.eth0 and does some other stuff.
> Now every thing looks normal (ifconfig, netstat) but I cannot ping
> anything. I have seen some other posts like this but I am not getting any
> "WATCHDOG" messages. I have also seen some advice about configuring APIC in
> the kernel but I have a P4 HT running as SMP, so this option is not
> available. Any ideas?
> Also, usually I select VESA for the console with VGA=792. With xen this
> seems to be ignored and I get "elephant font" which is not very convenient!
> Any tricks available here?
> -Robin.

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