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[Xen-users] stable only with xen

Hi, I have a strange problem:

plain is unstable on my laptop (msi s270, amd64,
atixp 480 chipset, r200m integrated graphics): the
machine suddenly hangs, the screen is white or has stripes.
there is no logging in syslog, nor with netconsole and the
machine has no serial port, so this is hard to debug.

but: my xen'ified kernel (xen-unstable.hg) works great
and is 100% stable. I'd like to find out why (for example
because sofar pcmcia only works in non xen kernel for some
reason). any idea what is different with xen?

I guess xen disables some code in linux that might cause
my problems, but no idea where to search.

of course I can spam the list with two kernel configs,
two boot logs and lspci -vvv, but that might be quite a
long message, so if you have any idea what I could try,
I would do that first.

thanks for your help.

Regards, Andreas

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