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Re: [PATCH] [Xen-users] Problems with pygrub: ValueError:unableto open file

Sorry for the last empty mail (hit the wrong button). Attached is a patch against xen-unstable to improve the error messages in pygrub when the e2fsprogs do not support the newer ext2fs_open2 function. This should help beginners to identify the real problem when pygrub does not work (e.g. on RHEL4).

Please apply to xen-unstable.

Best Regards,
Michael Paesold

# HG changeset patch
# User mpaesold@xxxxxx
# Node ID 6d90c95b919b324b7d8e4c7a568040334c8862e9
# Parent  f0e14b4e535c7d99c56c286384b0d512c5220884
Improve pygrub error reporting when opening ext2 fs is not possible

As reported in the thread:
pygrub does not open ext2 file systems in partitioned images or sub
partitions on e.g. CentOS/RHEL 4, because e2fsprogs ext2fs_open does not
support an offset into the file to be opened.

With this patch, the error is correctly reported instead of a generic
"unable to open file" (and leaving the user searching in the dark).

Signed-off-by: Michael Paesold <mpaesold@xxxxxx>

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