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[Xen-users] How to specify a VMID to resume in

Some questions....

          --- Okajima, Jun. Tokyo, Japan.

1. How to specify a VMID to resume in?
   Can you specify which vmid to resume in?
   For example, what I want to do is like this?
   # xm save 1 debian.chk
   # xm restore debian.chk 1  <- here you usually resume this in dom2,
                               not 1 as it used to be.
                               I want resume debian.chk in dom1!.

2. About Xen live migration where both PC have same disk image. 
   Assume PC_A and PC_B both have very same /XEN/Debian.img, but
   inode num, type of FS, etc,,, are different.
   I ask you that if I do live-migration fromm PC_A to PC_B,
   can I resume the image without using iSCSI or NBD?
   I mean, when the VM stays on PC_A, it mounts /XEN/Debian.img on PC_A's HDD,
   and after it migrates to PC_B, it mounts /XEn/Debian.img on PC_B HDD.
   Is this possible?

3. How to fork "after resumed function" inside VMs?
   Is this possible to do suspending from inside of DomU?
   It is like this:
   [Dom3]# /bin/suspend.sh
     /usr/sbin/xm save /mnt/NFS/dom0/XEN/$DOM_NAME/suspend.img
     [here suspends]
     /etc/init.d/dhcpc restart
     [After resumed, you get dhcp re-run automatically.]

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