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[Xen-users] HVM questions: Max disk size?, Version?, APIC ..etc?


Is there a known issue using hard drives or images larger than approximately 20 to 100 GB?
I'm running xen0-3.0.1-4 package from FC5

I have one HVM machine that uses a 20 GB disk and it works great, but the identical machine except with 100 GB disk gets ext3 kernel errors (didn't write it down but pretty serious stuff because it basically destroys it's superblock after a few minutes of writing to it) ... I didn't have time to experiment with different sizes other than 5,20,100, and 110 GB so I'm not sure where the cut off is. But all I know that the 5 and 20 GB drives work fine while 100 and 110 GB drives go bezerk. On a more general note. What is the most stable (among the unstable) xen to be running for HVM? I've had a lot of weird glitches with xen0-3.0.1-4 from FC5 ... but so far no show-stoppers. I have no idea which changeset this image comes from but I assumed that it's probably not that old + it has to be somewhat good since someone went through the effort of including it in FC5. .. but maybe that assumption is wrong? Should I just dump this and go for the newest tested changeset in the 3.0 branch?

I also found that my whole OS (not just the guest) were very unstable until I set went for the following parameters: xen0 kernel: acpi = default, apic = default (acpi or apic = off would cause bad crashes) guest kernel: acpi = off , noapic , nolapic ... am I on the right track with this? I got to this with trial and error based on some random google hits.

.. ooh and a BIOS upgrade helped tremendously too.

Thank you,

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