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Re: [Xen-users] Problem with power down

When typing "halt -p", everything is unmounting, but the last word of
the kernel is "Power down" and nothing more happens.

Same here. It's actually worse than this; the power button simply
doesn't work so I have to hit the reset button when the kernel
says "Power down" and turn of the computer when it's showing the
bios screen.

Powerdown from a pristine 2.6.16 kernel works fine btw.

Does it work if you hold down the power button? I'd expect that holding it for a few seconds would poweroff the machine.

The problem is that Xen doesn't support powering of the system, so if dom0 tells it to "halt" it'd do just that - halt the system. But it can't then power it off, so it just sits there :-(

Power management stuff will probably be looked at at some stage, but it's not been a priority so far. The old behaviour was to reboot if dom0 halted, but that annoyed people even more ;-)

If anyone's interested, I think there have been some design discussions on how to make this stuff work properly... A knowledge of some subset of APM / APCI / the linux implementations thereof would probably be useful ;-)


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