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Re: [Xen-users] Vif network interfaces dropped tx packets, rsyncd problems

Neal Probert wrote:
If I do an ifconfig from Dom0, I see that the vif#.# interfaces have dropped tx packets. The DomU machines look fine. Running Debian Sarge testing, Xen 3.0.1 testing on amd64.

This may sound weird to you, but try running -unstable. 3.0.1 is definitely not what you want to be running right now. There have been many changes to the network interface code since 3.0.1 and -unstable will be tagged as 3.0.2 shortly (at least I hope so). Under the current development model you are much better testing under -unstable so bugs such as this can be fixed -- your bug may already be fixed and the developers can better provide patches. By testing under -unstable it'll help you to know what code is good to run on your production servers.

Thank you,
Matt Ayres

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