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[Xen-users] Re: (vif-route) DomU IP troubles beyond Dom0

Spoke to early.
The Dom0 machine is dual homed, and whence the pppoe eth1 interface was enabled, the routing went to the wall.
Does anyone know where the parameter/variable 'netdev' is called from?
Is it in xend-config.sxp? If so, is it called like (network-script network-route 'netdev=ppp0')?

Would greatly like to hear from anyone who has Xen3 routing working with the scripts provided or modifications thereof.

Piers Dawson-Damer

On 01/04/2006, at 11:26 AM, Piers Dawson-Damer wrote:

Hello again,
 As it would have it, the routing is OK. The (a) problem was with my DSL router, not knowing the existence of the internally routed Xen network. A static link on the router did the trick.  As for the MacOS X 10.4.5 computers not responding to ping? who knows.

 The vifname= problem/bug persists though.
The interface works fine, there is just no sign of it in xentop.
I wonder if shorewall can specify interfaces my MAC address?

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