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Re: [Xen-users] compiling kernel 2.6.16 in xen3 unstable

Czakó Krisztián írta:
> What is the right way to compile a kernel using xen3 unstable? As I saw
> in this list, the olda way (make ARCH=xen) is depricated. But when I
> simply set the architecture to Xen-Compatible in the kernel config
> (CONFIG_X86_XEN=y), and use simple make, the compiled kernel crashes as
> soon as Xen starts it (dom0).

Answering my own mail, just for the archive :)
Xen3 unstable seems to be NOT compatible with Xen3.0.1. With the
hypervisor version 3.0.1, I couldn't boot a kernel built from the
unstable source. With the xen3 unstable hypervisor running, the kernel

Best regards,
Krisztián Czakó

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