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[Xen-users] vdb and vif connection errors

I hate intermittent problems ...

Most of the time, my domUs launch just fine.  But, occasionally I get a
failure to connect a vdb or vif and the domU fails to completely launch
("xm list" shows it is present but no console activity either through
"xm create -c" or through "xm console").   The log shows a stack trace
in DevController.py in the area of waiting for hotplug response --
sometimes a timeout, sometimes an error.  There is usually no indication
in the main log or the hotplug log as to the ultimate cause.   Usually
the device is the first vdb in my disk array; but often it's either
another of the vdb's or a vif.

I sometimes find it's something I did wrong like mistyping a vdb file
name, in which case I have no cause for complaint. 

However, sometimes the problem occurs for no apparent reason after
previous launches from the same domain configuration file.  

And, regardless of what causes the initial problem, once this failure
occurs I generally find that I cannot successfully launch any more domUs
until I reboot Xen/dom0.  BTW, I do try to make sure that the old,
failed domU is destroyed (as reported by xm list) before trying again.

So, some questions:

1. Is there something known to cause the seemingly random failures
(ones not caused by something I did wrong and generally not repeatable
after a reboot of Xen)?

2. Is something known to help avoid the launch failures in the first

3. Are there places to look for problems other than xend and hotplug

4. Is there a way to clear things up without rebooting Xen?

Thanks for any advice -- or pointers to older discussions on this

Colin Brown
Franklin University CIS

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