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[Xen-users] Xen for intel mac?


Just reading the OS compatibility page on the xensource wiki; Under Xen 3.0 / Unmodified OS it says 'Initial support for unmodified guests when using Intel VTX hardware, e.g. Windows'.

Even though I am not (yet) a Xen user, I'm curious about whether there are any specific plans to get Xen running on intel macs (Mactel-Linux apparently boots but no graphics).

Graphics support would be part of what I mean by 'get Xen running' in the context of an intel mac since I imagine that 'support for unmodified guests' means osx could boot (as a guest ... alongside 'e.g. Windows', linux, etc).

Having said that, I have no idea how (or even if) Xen manages competing demands for graphics hardware by unmodified guest os'. Would ATI drivers for linux be enough?

I hope these questions are not too hypothetical ... apologies if they are.


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