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[Xen-users] cowloop and XEN - doesn`t work for me

Hello !

Is anybody using cowloop (http://www.atconsultancy.nl/cowloop/) with XEN ?
i want to use this for saving diskspace and time for copying rootfs-images.

the module compiles and loads fine (was done by a colleague)

cowloop - (C) 2005 AT Consultancy/AT Computing
cowloop - version: 2.15
cowloop - info: www.ATConsultancy.nl/cowloop
cowloop - maximum allowed cowdevices: 16
cowloop - initialized

after installation and creating the device nodes i see the control device like 

xen2:/tmp# ls -la /dev/cow/ctl
brw-r-----  1 root root 241, 255 2006-03-03 12:49 /dev/cow/ctl

but when i use cowdev, it fails :
xen2:/tmp# cowdev -a /tmp/test.ro /tmp/test.cow
/dev/cow/ctl: No such device or address

cat /dev/cow/ctl
cat: /dev/cow/ctl: No such device or address
cat /etc/debian_version

uname -a
Linux xen2 #2 Thu Mar 2 11:59:01 CET 2006 i686 GNU/Linux

is somebody successfully using cowloop on xen0 for providing cowloop`ed 
blockdevices for xen-guests ?

i`m not sure if the problem is with cowloop, or with xen - or a compatibility 
issue of both.

maybe someone can help here?

roland k.
systems engineer

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