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Re: [Xen-users] xen on amd64 or intel

Am Mittwoch 12 April 2006 03:26 schrieb Edward Muller:
> We have a quad core opteron system with 8GB of RAM, running Gentoo
> (compiled for 64 bit kernel and userspace) and we run a mix of 32 bit and
> 64 bit dom-U's.

Something similar here: AMD64 with 4GB RAM running a 64-bit Gentoo Dom0, 
running 30 DomUs, which are mixed 32-bit Debian/SuSE/FC4/CentOS and 64-bit 
Gentoo, but all with a 64-bit kernel for the DomU. If you don't choose stupid 
compiler-settings (beware of -Os, it creates broken code), it's running very, 
very smoothly.

--- Heiko.

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