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Re: [Xen-users] Performance issues

On Wed, 12 Apr 2006 11:18:18 -0400
Matt Ayres <matta@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The SEDF scheduler is not necessarily 
> the best for every workload. Would you mind re-running the first part
> of 
> the tests (or all if you have the time), but use the BVT scheduler 
> instead?  To set CPU weights you can use the cpu_weight variable in
> the 
> domain config file (ex. cpu_weight = "2").  libxc/xc_domain.c seems to

> still use that method for setting the weight. Note it does not use 
> cpu_weight for SEDF. Also, in 3.0.2 you can run "xm sched-sedf domid"
> to 
> get settings, no need for the external sedf program.

Thank you for the hint. I will run test with the BVT scheduler and I
will compare results with sEDF scheduler. I will post results next week
(with pretty graph ;).


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