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[Xen-users] time drift between domU and dom0

Hello list,
we have one dom0 Domain on debian sarge and xen 3.0.1 with several domU domain 
also setup with debian sarge. On the dom0 domain there is a ntpd running and 
date shows me the correct time.

When starting a domU domain, the kernel.log and date shows me another time 75 
seconds behind the correct time from the dom0 domain. All running domU 
domains have the same incorrect time.

On one domU I have setup a ntpd and set /proc/sys/xen/independent_wallclock to 
At startup of ntp following appears in syslog

FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/ No such fi
le or directory

I have a kernel without any modules in the domU domain.

After a few minutes the domU domain have the correct time from the ntp server. 
Now I set /proc/sys/xen/independent_wallclock to 0.

After 12 hours following appears:
time on dom0 still correct
time on domU with ntpd is 10 seconds behind the correct time
time on the other domU is 85 seconds behind the correct time.

So time sync between the dom0 and domU domains seems not working.
Have you any hint how I can solve this problem?

Olaf Berg
IMA Gesellschaft für Informationsmanagement mbH
Bergmannstr. 32
44809 Bochum

eMail: olaf.berg@xxxxxxxxxx
Tel.:  +49 234 / 516990-45
Fax:   +49 234 / 516990-99

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