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[Xen-users] Running other distros as domu under FC5/Xen 3.x


With great help from the members of this list I got FC5 and Xen 3.x (tar ball 
binaries) running on my system.

I have FC5 installed on /dev/sda6, OpenSUSE installed on /dev/hdc3 and Ubuntu 
on /dev/hdc1.  I am trying to get Ubuntu and Suse to run within my FC5/Xen box.

The configuration file I use is : /etc/xen/suseguest (contents)

kernel = "/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.16-xen"

memory = 100

name = "suseguest"

vif= ['mac=aa:00:10:00:00:10, bridge=xenbr0, ip=']

gateway = ""

netmask = ""

disk = ['phy:hdc3,hdc3,w']

# disk = ['file:/dev/hdc3,hdc3,w']

root = "/dev/hdc3 rw"

On running /usr/sbin/xm create -c /etc/xen/suseguest I get a number of errors 
on module load that modules.dep file is not found etc .. however the boot 
process continues uninterrupted and Iam finally provided the terminal login 
prompt.  After logging in, however an ifconfig reveals that the virtual if is not setup .. only loopback is enabled (127.x.x.x) ..

I tried ubuntuguest (same config as above, disk is /dev/hdc1) but with the same 

(Note that this config was working earlier with FC4 and Xen 2.x without issues)

All help to get this resolved is appreciated


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