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[Xen-users] troubles with networking on a Xen machine


we setup a Xen server (Version 3.0.1) with four domains:
router (iptables routing to the outside world) (extbr) (dmzbr)
netserver (DHCP, DNS, NIS, TFTP)
fileserver (NFS, Samba)
dmzserver (apache)

and three bridges:
intbr (connected to router fileserver and netserver and to the internal (save) network eth1)
extbr (connected to router and the unsave external network eth0)
dmzbr (connected to router and dmzserver)

Now we encountered the following problem: it is not possible to access a TCP/UDP service from one domain to another. From another machine, it is possible to access for example DNS. From domain0 it ist not possible to access any service running inside a unpriviledged domain (tested with nslookup - If we do the same from another computer ist works fine.
Pinging is always possible.
It is also not possible to access services inside upriviledged domains from unipriviledged domains. There are no firewalling rules which block that. The IP setup is correct, ping works. We encoutered the error messages "ip_local_deliver: bad skb: PRE_ROUTING LOCAL_IN LOCAL_OUT POST_ROUTING" on the consoles of all domains. Again: From a computer outside the access to the services running on the domains works fine.

Any hints?

Best regards
Florian Mayer, Mayer Electronics

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