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Re: [Xen-users] p2v migration + Xen

On Tue, 18 Apr 2006, Dan Hawker wrote:
We are using Xen to help keep certain services separate on the LAN but also to create multiple virtual machines for safe and easy software development across multiple platforms (all Linux based).

Am looking for some advice/tips/how-tos/whatever to help in a p2v migration I am about to undertake.

We have a machine in place that I would like to migrate, however am unsure as to what the best option would be. I am not going to get much time for the machine in question to be *not available*, so wondered if I could use rsync or similar to create a backup of the filesystem in question directly into a directory structure on the new server for the resultant Xen VM. I could do this whilst all things are still live. At the moment we'd like to swap over, we could then do a quick and final rsync, turn off the original server and bring the Xen VM up.

Does this make sense??? I presume there will be some directories and files that shouldn't be migrated (/dev, /tmp, etc) which files/dirs are safe to leave behind???

If you're not using udev, you'll want to migrate /dev over. /tmp is also fine.

I usually just exclude /proc and /sys.

The reason I'd like to move the server over, rather than install a new VM and update it, is because as mentioned its a software dev box and has been here a while, (before I arrived). Hence I am unsure as to what packages and apps have been installed and how.

Sounds quite reasonable to me. It's similar to how I do it..

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