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[Xen-users] virtual services and network setup

Hi all,

  I have a nicely working dom0 and domU..

My goal is to have a management dom0 and a number of domUs running different 
services each one (mail on vm1, web on vm2, etc..)
I have a single public IP.

first question:
  - is it *necessary* (as I beleave) to configure the virtual machines to have
  an rfc1918 address and then natting them on dom0 ???
  - if not, is it the best choice?
second one:
  - both configuring a bridged network/vif or a natted one I have this strange
    . addr:  in ifconfig on dom0
    . addr:  in ifconfig on domU (as specified in the config file)
    . packet  sniffed on dom0 are correctly arriving from .100
  is it normal? how can I solve?

tnx in advance

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