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Re: [Xen-users] How to boot a DomU from CDrom ?

Henning Sprang wrote:
interestingly enough - playing around with Suse 10.1 and the yast2 based xen-vm-installer-thingy - I've found out that Yast attempts to do just that: install a brand new domU from e.g. a Suse CD. Not that I got that working but still I wonder if they found a way to achieve this paravirtualisingly. Any comments or experiences, Suse admins?
As I wrote - if you have a cd with the correct kernel, it should work. But I
am not sure if they do it like that.
As far I I saw it when I looked at the other day, it looked like they do
what fedora does:
Fedora 5 also provides a python script which starts the fedora installer in
a domU.
Suse uses domUloader.py and FC5 uses pygrub.
Suse uses dom0 Kernel for installing from cd. So far I was not successful doing this, but my problem could be ressources as you pointed out so I will try to find some more RAM for installation.

Do I understand the Yast concept correctly that it is theoretically possible to use _any_ linux installer for setting up a domU (as long as it is supplied vai cd/dvd or as iso image)?


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