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[Xen-users] putting virtual domains into NFS mounts into turn mounted on DRBD devices.

Hi all,

Has anyone ever put their domU into an NFS mount (which sits on top of a DRBD device) before? Will their be any performance issues if I were to do that?

What I am trying to do now is I have got 2 machines that are xen enabled now. Currently I'm mounting them onto of LVM volumes. I intend to use NFS as mountpoints for my domU so that the 2 machines can use the same NFS mount to store the virtual machines. This is so that I can do a "xm migrate --live" across xen enabled machines in case anyone of them fails. I can't do this on the fly with them currently mounted on LVM volumes. Thats the reason why I am looking at mounting them on an NFS. For the NFS mount, I intend to have 2 machines mirroring one another using DRBD as well as heartbeat to create a H.A solution to prevent the NFS from being a single point of failure.

Welcoming any feedbacks regarding this..!

thank you!


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