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Re: [Xen-users] Hardware compatibility - Dell Inspiron 6400 or thinkpad t60?


Sven Oehme wrote:

I am running FC5 on a T60p , VT works out of the box (you have to enable VT support in the bios first), the only problem right now is the sata support on the current FC5 XEN kernel is somehow broken, i get a warning like : ata1 is slow to respond please be patient and the kernel oops and reboots ...

Sounds good, if I can't resolve the following problems, I'm gonna spend the additional 500€ to get such a machine instead of the dell.

I just have the dell inspiron 6400 here ( which was already ordered before my post).

It has no switch in the BIOS to switch vm support on and off.

/proc/cpuinfo shows a flag called "vme" - is this the vm feature?
( I am a bit confused because it's always called different,m here on the list people seem to refer to it also as "hvm" and "vmx" - not sure if there's a different between each of them.

Still, when trying to run the xmx guest from the xenoppix cd ( don't want to install anything because I probably gonna send the machine back), the system just crashes and reboots.

For those just interested in "normal" xen compatibility: the domU's from the xen demo cd seem to work fine, although there seem to be problems with the network devices, which cannot be configured in dom0. Networking devices work on an Ubuntu live cd, where again I have no xen, and X doesn't work. So this machine is some cheap, but therefore not very nice working hardware.


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