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Re: [Xen-users] Virtual network disconnect?

Hi Hardy,

Hardy Wolf schrieb:

Okay, then it must be something with your kernels. Do you use ready made
kernels, did you compile yourself, and if yes, what did you change
compared to the standard config in the sources?

I compiled the kernel (version myself, but used the standard
configuration, i.e. I did not change anything. Perhaps the compiler has
taken the configuration of my original kernel? But there the problem is
testable (there is no xen, i.e. no domUs :D ). (version 2.6.8)

If you have compiled the xen kernels in their own directory (that is generated when unpacking the sources), the compiler should not have taken any other config. And you would not have a xen kernel if it was the vanilla kernel config.

Okay, nothing you have setup on your own.

Then I would carry the problem over to the developpers mailing list, maybe open up a bug report. Before that you could test it with Xen 3.0.2 and kernel 2.6.16 (to see if it has been solved inbetween).

If you want to find out on your own, you have to compare the contents of your routing table, nat table etc. before and after the disruption. If that does not lead to anything, you could use the packet marking feature to follow single packets through the dom0 kernel and find out where they get stuck (if they do).

But all that is nothing I am very familiar with (like in "I do that daily"), so I guess the developpers could be of much more help.


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