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[Xen-users] Xen Performance with Charm++

Dear All,

I am doing a performance study on Xen, and we are deploying Charm++ parallel runtime library as part of our applications. However, we observed a 20% slow down in Xen kernel that was not observed with MPICH. It is very important for us to understand why this overhead is happening.

I am guessing that is caused due to the higher cost of system calls like fork and exec, since Charm++ deploy a dynamic load-balancing algorithm that relocates jobs across the cluster, and thus using extensively the fork and exec syscalls. However, it is surprising for me that the overhead is as high as 20%.

My question is about the cost of fork and exec in the new Xen v3? My guess is that they are higher than those published for v1 in Xen Art of virtualization paper.

Thank you,
Lamia Youseff

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