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Re: [Xen-users] Xen Partition Performance

> I have a question who may be complet your question ...  What is the best
> File Back-End VBD for more stability and performance ?   If i use SAN to
> stock data, Nfs, Gfs ??

You mean what's the best way to store domU FSes in file-backed VBDs?

Best if you don't put File VBDs onto NFS.  Both NFS and the loopback block 
driver use a load of RAM, and they tend to OOM when used together.  Also, the 
performance will probably be bad.

SANs are nice ;-)  There have been threads on using GFS to store guest disk 
files recently.  Has the advantage of making live-migration easier.

Better performing might be to run CLVM on the SAN so that all dom0's can see 
logical volumes stored there, then use logical volumes directly.  Lower 
overhead than using the filesystem layer.

I've not tried this, so it's speculation on my part ;-)


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