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Re: [Xen-users] OT:Samba For Shared Storage

On Tue, Apr 25 '06 at 23:47, Javier Guerra wrote:
> > in one location. Price is an issue at this point and we cant afford a
> > large SAN, what we were thinking is getting a NAS device like the
> > linksys NSLU2 NAS storage device, this exports via samba.
> just go [ ... ] to make it run whatever server you want.  at least check:
> [e.g.] to serve NFS and AoE respectively

I still can't belive you're serios. The NSLU2 (even when overclocked)
can only server like 5MB/s. Any 300$ PC can do better. It needs more
power but you can run any OS you want.

(Still unslugh is fabulouse).
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