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[Xen-users] XEN+CLVM+GFS


I'm in the process of planing a SAN based 2 Dom0 redundant solution.
Haven't got the equipment yet to do any testing.
What I would like to achieve:
Have a set of failover DomU-s. Normally Dom0_0 would run DomU_0,
DomU_2,... Dom0_1 would run DomU_1, DomU_3,... this domains need access
to some data, which could be common for some of them (e.g a webserver
and a fileserver). If I keep that data on the SAN on a clvm lv formated
as gfs I can access it from one DomU of each Dom0s so two DomUs in total
(or will Xen allow me to export a lv as a partition to more than one
DomU). This is more a problem in the failover case, when all DomUs are
runing on one Dom0.
I would like any idea on this,

Thanks in advance.


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