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Re: [Xen-users] OT:Samba For Shared Storage

Quoting Tristram Cheer <tristram@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
I know this is a bit off topic for this list but i'm looking for some help, We run 8 xen DomU's in a box, 4 are MISC, 2 run Exim4 and 2 run apache,
We need a shared storage option to allow all e-mail and websites to be
in one location. Price is an issue at this point and we cant afford a
large SAN, what we were thinking is getting a NAS device like the
linksys NSLU2 NAS storage device, this exports via samba.

Why samba? As long it's just several domU's on the same (physical)
server, why not add an extra harddisk, format it with the ocfs2
filesystem and export it to all domU's that need the shared volume?

You do need to install the ocfs2-tools on each domU and the nodes
will communicate to each other over tcp (port 7777), but it works
quite well. One caveat, you can't use mmaped files on a ocfs2
volume (yet). But then again, I doubt smbfs supports it either.

Or add an extra harddisk and setup an extra domU as a NFS (or
samba) server for the other domU's.

Can't beat the price ;-)


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