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[Xen-users] FYI: uptime >1a with xen2

Dear devel-team,

thank you for bringing us xen. Maybe this brings a smile on your face:


  [root@ripley ~]# uptime
  12:13:39 up 370 days, 19:41

  [root@ripley ~]# uname -r


  [root@alice ~]# uptime
   12:12:53 up 370 days, 19:40

  [root@alice ~]# uname -r

That particular domU is mostly idle (it's the httpd-proxy for the other
domUs), but some of the other 6-10 domUs are quite productive, e.g. a
mailserver processing & scanning ~2k mails/day and a gameserver with
heavy load once a week. No crashing domU since >1a.

So i'd say at least 2.0-testing from 2005/04/20 is pretty stable ;-)


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