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[Xen-users] Asterisk performance

Hello, all.  I've seen many posts regarding Asterisk on the list.  I
have great reservations about putting Asterisk on a domU.  I've
experienced a lot of echo and jitter on sub-optimally configured
Asterisk systems.  VoIP is hard enough especially in a WAN environment
(our prospective environment).  I am concerned about any delay in voice
transmission due to CPU contention or other resource contention (e.g.,
for the network interface card).

Has anyone had poor Asterisk experiences on a domU? Have any had
particularly good experiences on a system with many (5 to 15) other
domUs on the same system? Does it make a difference if it is Xen 2 or
Xen 2? Thanks - John
John A. Sullivan III
Open Source Development Corporation
+1 207-985-7880

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