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[Xen-users] VMX Extensions

Hey All,

Been an avid follower of Xen for the past few months, and have written several tools to take advantage of it.. Great progress, and a fascinating product.

We're about to do another round of purchases for hardware that will be running xen 3.0, and I have a question about VMX extensions built into the newer Intel Dual Core cpus.

What kind of performance is typical for these newer CPUs? Is it worth incurring the additional cost? What do the extensions buy you?

I'm curious to see if anyone has any experience with these vs. standard P4 systems, or versus dual processor systems as well . We're making the purchases TODAY, and we're limited to Dell Hardware..

The choices on our table are:

- Intel Dual Core P4 (Pentium D 930 2x2MB Cache, 800 FSB)
- 2 x Xeon 2.8 2MB Cache 800 FSB

We're just not quite sure what makes more sense moving forward, and what kind of numbers we'll see.


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