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[Xen-users] Hobby project going up using Xen, general advice needed.

Hello to all, 

I found myself with a bunch of odd servers of various types that aren't
really being used much and I've decided to start my own linux hobbyist

I'm going to give away free small xen VMs with one ip to my members,
with an installer for some popular telnet BBS packages like Synchronet,
MyDNS, webmin, gnupanel, enough tools to give a hobbyist something to
do. May permit IRC if enough interest is shown in it to justify a
separate drop.

I'd also like to offer a filtered inbound IP redirect service so home
hosters can have a static IP that's filtered, DNS hosting stuff, general
useful things. I'll be using xen guests to do the redirecting
(everything, actually).

My question goes out to the heavy iptables in guests users. How many
rules do you have loaded, and how many did you find to be too many, over
how many guests sharing one bridge? Should I be looking at something
other than iptables? Every VM will have tc controls on commonly abused
ports, and the ip redirect needs strict port and tc control. 

Any pointers or links to complex iptables scripts would be appreciated
(other than shorewall which is what I'm contemplating using). 

Thanks in advance!

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