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[Xen-users] recommended Intel CPU for xen


I wonder wether there is any difference in Vanderpool or Intel-VT between the 
CoreDuo and Core2Duo mobile processors. I do have a socket 479 mainboard for 
which I need a CPU.

From a xen point of view, when intending to use hardware virtualisation, is 
there any real reason to go for the Core2? I do not need the 64bit extensions 
and could get the older CoreDuo at same clockspeed for way less money. 
However, if there is any real gain when going for the core2 for usage with 
xen I would reconsider. 

I have found quite a few comparissons of both, but none that would mention 
vanderpool or wether there have been advances in the core2. I do know, that 
pacifica is slightly superior, but thats about it. 

I am aware that this is not directly related to xen, however, as in this case 
the software dictates the hardware I hope this place is not too wrong



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