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Re: [Xen-users] is mem-set working in 3.0.4?

Timo Benk wrote:
> Daniele Palumbo wrote:
>> hi.
>> i have "cacting" machine started with maxmem=1024 and memory=256 (so, not xm 
>> maxmem ...).
>> i can't get it to 1024.
> Try the following additional setting in your domain config.
> --<snip>--
> extra = "mem=1024M"
> --<snap>--
> AFAIK that will be unnecessary in the next release - 3.0.5.
> Note that this setting may break migration for some reason.

You don't need that in 3.0.4.

Just reduce the Dom0-memory, than it should work.

# xm mem-set Domain-0 512
# xm mem-set Domain-U 512


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