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[Xen-users] Some Xen Newbie Questions

Hello Xen list members. I'm new to the software in that I have recently installed it using SLES 10 (SUSE). I'm investigating it's functionality and utility at my site. I'm at the stage of trying various permutations of the xm command to get a handle on managing VM's Increasing memory max hasn't been a problem. Attaching block devises not bad etc. It's the xm list that's causing me some worry:

#xm list
#ID   Mem(MiB)  VCPUs   State   Time(s)
  0    12896         4              r         782.5
11        512         2               b          21.9

Why is ID 11 always blocked? I've read in the archives that more than one vcpu might cause this to be displayed but raising vcpu had no effect. What am I doing wrong? Also has anyone noted in the heading of the output Mem(MiB)? MiB, is this a typo? Shouldn't it be MB?



Tony Angerame
UNIX Systems Administrator
St. Mary's College
Moraga, California


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