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Re: [Xen-users] vcpus and cpus, plus cpu affinity = ??

On 8 Feb 2007 at 10:34, Liang Yang wrote:

> Hi Mats,
> You mentioned a very interesting feature of AMD CPU: The AMD setup for IO
> is that each CPU has three HT-links, which can either be used for I/O or
> interprocessor communication, so each CPU can have it's own set of
> hardware that it can access.
> Three questions (please bear with me if I misunderstood you):
> 1. How to bind a HT-link in a physcial CPU to I/O or IPC? Did you do this in 
> 2. Do you know if there is any CPU from Intel supports such kind of feature?
> 3. Each CPU has three HT-links. Is the HT-link you mentioned the same as the
> Hyper Threads in Intel CPU? I heard most of CPUs only have two HT.

Intel: HT == HyperThreading
AMD:   HT == Hypertransport

AFAIK, Wikipedia.org should get you jump-started ;-)
Also as HT(AMD) is hardware, it's unlikely that you can re-route it through 
settings. It would be becoming slower if redirectable I guess.


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