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[Xen-users] Xenoppix (KNOPPIX5.1.1 + Xen3.0.4 + QEMU/KVM + HTTP-FUSE) is released


We released new Xenoppix which is consisted of KNOPPIX5.1.1, Xen3.0.4, 
and HTTP-FUSE(stackable/network virtual disk). You can compare Xen(3.0.4 on 
and KVM(Release 12 on Linux2.6.19) on the CD-ROM.

The boot of CD image is accelerated by LCAT.

### New Feature (chagelog) 
 - KNOPPIX is upgraded to 5.1.1(Japanese Edition) and Xen is upgraded to 3.0.4.
   GRUB Menu includes two items; Xen3.04(kenrel and normal KNOPPIX 
(kernel 2.6.19). 
   Xen3.0.4 improved support for SMP and ACPI. The feature enables to merge 
   previous EFI version and normal BIOS version. 
     -"konppixHMV" command runs KNOPPIX on a full virtualization on 
     -"knoppixU" command runs KNOPPIX on a para virtualization.
 - KVM(Kernel based Virtual Machine) is included. The version is Release 12 
   on Linux 2.6.19. 
     -"QEMU/KVM" is runnable on IntelVT/AMD-V with "kvm" command. If 
IntelVT/AMD-V isn't on, 
      the window bar shows "QEMU".

 - [Experimental] HTTP-FUSE (stackable/network virtual disk)
     -It enables to boot Debian/GNU Linux Etch on Xen form Internet. 
     -HTTP-FUSE CLOOP is stackable/network virtual disk. The virtual disk can 
be rollback 
      to an old image.
    *** Reference 
        Linux.conf.au Virtualization Miniconf 
        OS Circulation Environment "Trusted HTTP-FUSE Xenoppix"
        PDF http://unit.aist.go.jp/itri/knoppix/20070118-LCA-HTTP-FUSE.pdf
        O0o Impress 
       News Article
 - Xen3.04 
     -Boot with "Xen3.0.4" at GRUB Menu.
     -Para virtualization 
         Run # knoppixU 
       KNOPPIX will boot via VNC.
     -Full Virtualization 
       If IntelVT/AMD-V is available, we can use full virtualization of Xen 
"HVM ".
        run # knoppixHVM 
       KNOPPIX will boot via SDL(Simple DirectMedia Layer) 
       "knoppixHVM" command has options to boot from an iso file. 
            # knoppixHVM [/path/to/isofile] [domain_name]
      Caution) Add "nofirewire" kernel option at GRUB Menu for Intel MAC.
     -Boot "KNOPPIX(normal kernel)" at GRUB Menu on IntelVT/AMD-V. 
      Include a KVM driver. The driver depends on IntelVT/AMD-V. 
            # modprobe kvm-intel or # modprobe kvm-amd
      Run "kvm" command. The options are same for QEMU. 
            # kvm -cdrom /dev/cdrom -boot d -m 256 -localtime
      A window will be appeared. The window bar indicates QEMU/KVM if the kvm 
      effective. If not, the window bar indicates QEMU.
      Caution) If you boot with KNOPPIX(normal kernel) image(The second item of 
GRUB Menu), 
               add "nolapc noapic noapm" options for kernel at GRUB>
      [sample] OSZoo offrers many Disk images(OpenSolairs, Darwin, ReactOS, 
etc) for QEMU. 
               Please try them on KVM. 

 - [Experimental] HTTP-FUSE 
     -Boot with "Xen3.0.4" at GRUB Menu on IntelVT/AMD-V.
      Confirm that "eth0" is IP reachable and Xen is running. 
            # pump -i eth0
            # /etc/init.d/xend start
            # httpfuse-hvm.sh 
      Selection Menu will be appeared. Select a near site. 
      Contents Menu will be appeared. Select your favorite image. 
      The OS will be appeared. Current Debian Etch has accounts, 
"root/http-fuse" or 
      Caution) Add "nofirewire" kernel option at GRUB Menu for Intel MAC.
      Caution) The console must be wider than 80x24to run httpfuse-hvm.sh, 
               "dialog" requires wide console. If the console is small, the 
               "httpstoraged is ready ..." will continue.
### Performance 
 -PI calculation(3 Million-digits) is used to compare. 
  We confirmed the performance of kvm was very close to native CPU. However the 
  was still slow.
               | sec   |
     Native CPU| 14.67 | Core2 Duo (T7200)
            kvm| 17.90 | IntelVT is effective
       kvm(off)| 225.1 | "-no-kvm" is used
    qemu(kqemu)| 24.87 | "-kernel-kqemu" isn't used
           qemu| 227.1 | "-no-kqemu" is used
      Xen(DomU)| 14.68 |
       Xen(HVM)| 15.99 | IntelVT is effective

### Download 
File: knoppix_v5.1.1CD_20070104_xen3.0.4.0-20070206+IPAFont_AC20070206.iso 
MD5: 1c7eb2981cbbeb268ecc16d643587ae4
  RING HTTP Server http://www.ring.gr.jp/archives/linux/knoppix/iso/


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