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[Xen-users] linux-vserver patch for XEN 3.0.4-1

Hi list, 

I've created a patch that applies to kernel from XEN 3.0.4-1 that
includes linux-vserver 2.0.3-rc1, all updates from to
and some corrections to make it all work together. 
The vserver patch was done by Daniel Hokka Zakrisson from the linux-vserver
mailing list for a vanilla kernel So, if you have vserver
related problems, please ask Daniel on the linux-vserver mailing list
directly! (I have just patched all together so it fits for XEN 3.0.4-1)

You can get the patch from

To apply the patch, you have to do a 'make prep-kernels' in XENs source
directory, cd to linux- and do a patch -p1 <
Or copy it to the patches/linux- directory and append it to the
series file before doing a make prep-kernels. 
After this you can configure and compile the kernel as usual and be happy
with the vserver extension :)


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