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RE: [Xen-users] New to ZEN: Wrong Logical Volume mounted to "/"

I resolved it.  I found a doc on the net somewhere.  It was reading a copy
of the Domain0 fstab.

Is there a xensource document that outlines disabling/setting fstab,
ifcfg-eth0, etc.?  For some reason I didn't catch that anywhere and had to
rely on an untrusted source.

Thanks for your input.


Matthew Dougherty
AIM: mattsei

SKYPE: MatthewDougherty_NJ

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Subject: Re: [Xen-users] New to ZEN: Wrong Logical Volume mounted to "/"

On 2/11/07, Matthew Dougherty <mdougher@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I setup various logical volumes for different domains.  When I start a
> domain, it sets up the root file system  and swap correctly but the actual
> "/" is the existing logical volume from domain 0.  I'm sure it's something
> simple that I have wrong.

Sorry to say so, but you probbably get no reply on this because it's
hard to understand what's your problem.

You really mean, INSIDE your VM, the / filesystem has THE SAME
contents than the / filesystem of your Domain 0? Are you sure - how
did you check that?

I don't see how this can happen with such a config as you send it.
(apart from, your dom0 root file system is /dev/VirtualVolume/vir%d

As you disabling fstab in a guest: that's wrong, either your reading
the wrong howto, or misread it.
You have to disable som, but not all lines in inittab, for some guest


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