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Re: [Xen-users] RedHat Enterprise Linux RPM - PAE question


I kept on looking on :http://xensource.com/download/dl_304rhel4.html
for PAE info ...

But it was on http://xensource.com/download/index_3.0.4.html



So if I use CONFIG_HIGHMEM64G=Y I should be good to go then ... hoot.

On Feb 15, 2007, at 5:41 PM, Henning Sprang wrote:

On 2/16/07, Edward Muller <edwardam@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I WANT to use all the xen rpms except for the kernel one ...

So the xen RPMS above were compiled with or without PAE?

I start to understand :)


means no PAE. So, I don't know how the xen in the rpms is compiled,
but when it gives you an error as described, and the kernel you use
has the said highmem setting, you don't have PAE in the kernel, and it
probably means you have an PAE enabled Xen in the rpm packages (no
idea where to check that).
Even if these rpms aren't provided by redhat/fedora, they have the
same PAE-enabled setting as these.

See the kernel configuration documentations, and the help in kernel menuconfig.

ah, and, then, the download page says:
"These RPMs provide host (xen and dom0) and guest support for 32bit
(PAE-mode) SMP only."


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