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Re: [Xen-users] Problems with modules and version in domU

Hi Jerry,

I did an "emerge sys-kernel/xen-sources". I then built the kernel for DOMU using "make && make modules_install && make install . For DOMU I just did a make and then copied the kernel over to /boot/linuz-<version>-xen-domU.

I also copied the /lib/modules/<version> over to the DOMU and changed ownership to root. I then ran a depmod -a on the DOMU. So ther kernel comes from Gentoo and the actual DOMU image is debian.

I had to go gentoo for the DOM0 and kernels as I couldn't get Debian/Fedora or Ubuntu to work properly. There where always driver issues. I do not make use of an initrd image. I compile what I need into the kernel or as modules and then load the needed modules on boot. In gentoo this is in /etc/modules.d/modules.autoload -- if I remember correctly.



Jerry Amundson wrote:
On 2/15/07, mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all,

I am experiencing weird problems with my DOMU's. I have used gentoo to
create the DOM0 and DOMU kernels. I copied the /lib/modules/ to the DOMU I did a depmod /lib/modules/<version> but when I boot up I get these errors

I am not sure what I did wrong. The DOMU's are debian images from
jailtime.org. I did an apt-get install module-init-tools as well.

So why have you "used gentoo to create the DOM0 and DOMU kernels."??


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