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[Xen-users] Cannot setup domU as router between Inet, LAN and farm of virtual servers

Sorry if I have overlooked s.t., but I tried to search without success.

What I want to do is:

Hide the 2 PCI-interfaces from dom0 (no problem), use them in a domU (no
problem), and add a virtual interface which should be enslaved to the
bridge which connects all domUs.

When I don't set up any bridge-stuff (network-script network-bridge) and
(vif-script vif-bridge) I receive a domU which acts as router between
Internet and LAN (dom0 is invisible in that configuration, and itself
can't reach the Internet)

Can anyone give me a hint, how I have to adapt the scripts as to receive
that router?

Thanks for all hints!

Greetings from Vienna / Austria

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