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[Xen-users] bad pte error in domU

I'm running the into the following error on one of my guest domains when I run a specific program

Bad pte = 004d10a0, process = findex, vm_flags = 100070, vaddr =
 [<c0156ab4>] vm_normal_page+0xd4/0xe0
 [<c0157947>] follow_page+0xd7/0x1e0
 [<c0157b8b>] get_user_pages+0x13b/0x360
 [<c019aef0>] elf_core_dump+0x880/0x9da
 [<c017901e>] do_coredump+0x24e/0x2bc
 [<c012bdf2>] collect_signal+0x92/0xe0
 [<c012bea3>] __dequeue_signal+0x63/0xa0
 [<c012bf52>] dequeue_signal+0x72/0xf0
 [<c012de90>] get_signal_to_deliver+0x2f0/0x360
 [<c01051ed>] do_signal+0x6d/0x170
 [<c012cbef>] kill_proc_info+0x4f/0x90
 [<c0115bb1>] do_page_fault+0x1f1/0x6cc
 [<c012df87>] sigprocmask+0x67/0x120
 [<c012e092>] sys_rt_sigprocmask+0x52/0xf0
 [<c0105328>] do_notify_resume+0x38/0x3c
 [<c010550d>] work_notifysig+0x13/0x1a

This error is output to the vm console over and over.

I'm using a xen kernel that I built from the source code. I use the same kernel for both dom0 and domU.

Does anyone know what might be going on? Any ideas how to debug this?



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