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[Xen-users] NAT various domUs to multiple IPs on one NIC

Hi, I'm new to Xen and have no idea how to make this works...

Here is my situation:
inet |-----------------------------------|-----------------------------| dom0 - eth0 dom0 - eth0:0 dom0 - eth0:x A.B.194.16 A.B.194.17 A.B.C.D | | | |----------------|---------------| |-------------| |-------------| domU1 domU2 domU3 domU4 domU5 domUx domUy 10.0.x.y 10.0.x.y

Ok, i have only one NIC ( only one port in switch is possible ) and some public IP's and what i want is the is NATed through A.B.194.16, is NATed through A.B.194.17 etc. Reason for this is so in every group of domUs / non-public nets is for example apache with sll and some other apps what needs 1 public IP and need to be separated from another group of domUs, where is for example testing apps / game servers etc. what needs another 1 public IP AND another CPU prio, etc.

I read many threads in this ML and spend x hours on google and still dunno how to realise this :(

Thanks for any help in solving this problem.

With regards, Tomas Wodecky aka revEn

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