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On Sun, 2007-02-25 at 13:36 +0100, Carlo Granisso wrote:
> Solved: many times I read source code to fast...
> I've commented a portion of a line that drop to fast packets...
> :-)
> Carlo

Was just curious and poked around the script a bit. Looks handy if a
little more sanity checking was going on :) May want to add a bit, it
would be nice to know if something didn't go right when using it in
conjunction with xendomains so you can trigger flushing of rules if an
ooops happens.

It looks like this thing will almost always exit 0 , even if its obvious
something bad happened.

I don't think in posix sh invoked bash (or dash, or whatever /bin/sh is
leading to) that the default behavior of exit changes from 0 to $?, but
I could be mistaken. I'm also not sure its the same on all bourne like

Even if it did, its only returning the exit value of the last tc fork.
Which means the 3 above it could have 'gone south' but the script would
still exit 0.

It would need a bit of work before it can be trusted fully, but I doubt 
you would experience many situations where this would be annoying unless
you stop/start guests often.


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